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Kerubim: Battle for Assiah  © 2018/2019 Midian Design
■ 05/25/2019: [First Kickstarter] Take a look at H.P. Lovecraft’s Echoes page! ■ 03/14/2019: The Dimensional Gate (final room) is complete, and our first promo as well.   There’s still a lot to do! ■ 03/14/2019: The Big Guy Ialdabaoth is done! ■ 02/22/2019: Last Character done (6/6) - Lewis P. Higgins (the Kinght) ■ 02/15/2019: Another Character done (5/6) - Anastasia Opričniki (the Knight) ■ 02/05/2019: Another Character done (4/6) - Isa Al-Ghazali (the Bishop). ■ 01/24/2019: Third Character completed (3/6) - Aaron Mandel (the King) and his Kerubim. ■ 01/21/2019: Another Character done (2/6) - Sarah O’Gill (the Queen), her Kerubim and her   backpack Peggy. ■ 01/10/2019: First Player Character (1/6) done - Elijah Salem (the Tower) and his Kerubim. ■ 12/10/2018: 7 NPCs, 2 tiles and 2 doors done. ■ 11/15/2018: Ruleset and Story done. ■ 10/01/2018: The project has started.
Kerubim: Battle for Assiah is a fully cooperative table-top role-playing game for 1 to 6 players. Inspired by western mysticism and ancient sacred texts, Kerubim offers a deep and articulated story with more than  20 playable scenarios, in which the player's choices will have a strong impact on the events.
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