Building Cities is our new board game for 1/4 players, a modern city simulation where you can build, manage, expand and maintain your own city! Neighborhoods, factories, parks, garbage, education, citizen safety, there are no limits! Let’s see some tutorials...  
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Building Cities is a modern city simulation where you can build, manage, expand and maintain your own city! It offers many challenges, both in single player and multiplayer versions. You will have 10 turns to build road tiles or buildings, according to the Engineer's Handbook and your Bank Account, and at the end of your turn you will draw and Event Card. The 200 cards you will find in the game box are divided into Objectives, Events and Challenges. Objectives will be used only at the beginning of the game (the same goal for every player, E.g. Build 12 Offices, a Legendary Building and the Airport), Events are the cards that you will draw at the end of each round, Challenges, finally, will be cards drawn every 5 rounds after the creation of the second District, a sort of Event Cards but more cruel (E.g. Some criminals stormed up a cargo ship. Remove a ship if you don't have a Task Force card to cancel this Challenge)! The single-player version it’s a pleasant pastime, moreover, you can become familiar with the game mechanics, road construction (curves, intersections, straights) and with the placement of buildings in the most strategic and useful way (where will we put the Police Station? And the Hospital? And if their range doesn’t satisfy the whole districts?). In fact, you could find yourself in some unpleasant situations, where, a faulty District might preclude you some possibilities! Or, even worse, making lose you the goals! In multi player mode, imagine a situation where 3 mayors join forces against one, literally making it out to the sound of Challenge cards, or excluding him from trade routes or even blow a Legendary Building out of his nose during the auction, (perhaps useful for completing a goal)! It will also be possible to play in teams, 2vs2, and see which of the two teams manages to make 1 of their mayors stand out before the opponents. And... What if someone betrays his coalition? You decide how to play, the rules leaves you carte blanche! There’s another way called Fair Play Mode, where players decides to play without "throw a monkey wrench in the works". Who, first, completes the goal revealed by the card drawn at the start of the game, eliminating the auction for Legendary Buildings, will win the game. Building Cities has very high replayability, where every game will be different from the previous one!
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Building Cities