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Kerubim: Battle for Assiah  © 2018/2019 Midian Design
Year 2067. Humanity is collapsing. The world is furrowed by the scars of a decade long war that has redefined the global Geo-political structure. The states, as we know them, have disappeared, replaced by continental superpowers and commercial oligarchies. Despite an unstoppable technological drift, the space colonization remains a utopia. Mankind is chained on a dying planet where aseptic urban hives survive, encircled in infected lands full of marauders, mutated beasts, pandemics and radiation. During excavation operations in the former Jordan, in ancient ruins that have long been buried, an Oztar is discovered, an ancient machine in which the spirit of a Kerubim, an ancestral race – known to man through the centuries and in different forms – that once inhabited Assiah, our world. HERE YOUR ADVENTURE STARTS! In Kerubim – Battle for Assiah you will play as a team of "chosen ones" which, guided by the wisdom of the Kerubim, will try to unravel the mystery of human origins and find hope beyond this world. Against them, the mysterious Gavriel who for millennia have been acting in the shadows pulling the strings of human history.