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Kerubim: Battle for Assiah  © 2018/2019 Midian Design
Some NPCs
In a not too distant future, humanity has now come to collapse. Enclosed in aseptic urban enclaves, the last human beings try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by pandemics, mutations and remnants of technology gone mad. But a new hope seems to be contained in the ancient wisdom of the Sacred Textures and in the discovery - in the Holy Land - of the remains of the Kerubim: ancestral machines or, perhaps, vestiges of an ancient race escaped from Assiah (our world). ■ Find, check and upgrade more than 30 Kerubim. Each with their own abilities and peculiarities. ■ A unique gaming system based on the tactics and synergy between the character and his Kerubim. ■ A crafting system that will allow you to create and design new weapons, armor and objects. ■ More than 100 miniatures in the core set, with additional stretch goals to unlock during the kickstarter campaign.
The Game