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Kerubim: Battle for Assiah  © 2018/2019 Midian Design
MATTEO PAVONE - Writer - For years he has been interested in the study of religions and in Western and Eastern mysticism. He has written numerous articles and essays as well as having edited and published anthologies of short stories. For almost 30 years, he has been passionate about board and role-playing games, for which he has created different settings. LIVIA VIGANO' - Designer - Art Director - She loves role-playing games and fantasy in general and has worked for years in marketing and advertising graphics. She will take care of all the Kerubim project's paper-related parts, like the drafting and layout of rules set, playing cards and tilesets, external contacts like a high-end printing service, and will manage the project in general to ensure the finished product will be top-notch. DANILO CAGLIARI - Graphic Artist/3D Modeler - Story Design - Passionate about RPG, video-games and creation of musical compositions, he has dedicated himself to the creation of indie video-games for years which are still available on digital platforms such as Steam. He loves to paint and sculpt and for Kerubim project he dedicates himself to the creation of graphics and models for miniatures, and participates in the drafting of the subject and the background.
Who we are